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Role: Concept, Creative Direction

Agency: JW Thompson

Client: Tramontina


Barbecue transcends the ordinary—it's an art form. As connoisseurs devoted to transforming meat into culinary masterpieces, we know you share our enthusiasm. That's why we've captured our passion in the pages of a book—a guide that walks you through the art of perfecting barbecue. You might think there's an abundance of books with similar promises, and you'd be right. However, this book stands alone as your partner in barbecue preparation. Because we believe learning by doing is the best approach. Each page is meticulously designed with unique materials to assist you in creating the ultimate barbecue experience. Simply tear out a page and use it—whether it's charcoal or salt you need, it's here. And if you're looking for company to enjoy the fruits of your labor, consider this an open invitation from us. Detailed instructions for use and engaging content are included on the back of each page to ensure you're entertained while you read. This isn't just a book that looks good on a shelf—it's at its best when it's part of your grilling arsenal.